Dog walking, Cat Feeding and Small Pet Visits

At Loyal Paws, we’re dedicated to treating your pets as if they were our own. Everything we do is in pursuit of that goal.

we pride ourselves in offering an honest and reliable service. With many happy customers, we’re not short of references for your peace of mind 

whether we’re merely dropping by occasionally for a cat visit, to check on other pets or walking your dog on a weekly basis you can have complete confidence every time your pets are in my care.

I strive to offer quality services that are tailored for my clients and their pets, making my services available when and where they need them. I even send regular updates along with pictures, so every owner knows exactly what their pet’s are up to. There’s a certain peace that comes with knowing all is well with your beloved pet – and seeing it with your own eyes. 


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Our services

Dog walking

we can set up a regular walking schedule or simply make ourselves available whenever the need arises. we take them on a dog adventure, visiting the parks that excite them, playing the games that leave them panting for more, and socializing with others, so there’s never a dull moment. More than a dog Walk… It’s a Dog Adventure

Cat feeding and small pet visits

Here at Loyal Paws we also offer home visits to spend time with your pet, give them lots of fuss and attention, feed them service for cat feeds and small pets. This includes feeding, water refresh,  clean any litter trays or even to water the plants. you can be sure your pets and home are in safe hands.

Photography session

we also offer pet photography, capturing your pets unique character in places where they’re comfortable and in a fun environment . Our session will be tailored to suit your dog, to capture the best side of your loyal friend, somewhere natural and outdoors, where your dog can relax or zoom around at a 100 mph.

Free consultation

Before we ever take a penny, we’ll meet you and your dog so we can truly get to know you. We’ll learn what makes your pet tick, take note of his likes and dislikes, and give him plenty of time to get comfortable with us. If you have any questions or concerns during the meet, we’ll be happy to answer them the best we can. Once you and your pet feel good about things, we can set up a regular walking schedule or simply make ourselves available whenever the need arises.

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